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To promote educational and cultural exchange between the United States and other countries

Foreign exchange can and will broaden the understanding between people from all parts of the world. Through our program, we are striving to build bridges of understanding between different cultures for a better tomorrow.

We do this by providing the opportunity for high school students from other countries to live in the home of an American host family and attend high school. Each student and family has an area representative who maintains contact with them during the year to help answer questions, solve problems and lend their support to help make the experience enjoyable for all.

This student is still in need of a Host Family!

He will arrive in January!

5-Month Students


Name: Denise Masters

Interests: Church Activities ,Board Games, Scrap Booking, Photography, Reading Books, Computers, Family Time, True to Life Movies and Kids.

Occupation: United Studies Student Exchange Representative

Favorite Past Time: Scrap Booking, Playing Games and kids

Favorite Saying: Smile God Loves You

Name : Tim Masters

Interests: Video Games, Computers, Reading Books, Star Trek, Family Time, Board Games, Fishing, Hunting, Church and Amusement Parks.

Occupation: Industrial Electrician for a Plastic Closure Company

Favorite Past Time: Hunting, Fishing and playing Chess

Favorite Saying: I Love You More Than You Have Ever Been Loved Before But Jesus Loves You More.

Children Living at Home:

Name: Amy Masters Age: 17 Interests: Church Activities, Friends, Horses, Driving, Amusement Parks, Games, Traveling, Shopping and just having fun.

Name: Doug Masters Age: 12 Interests: Sports, Computers, Cats, Video Games, Magic, Trampoline, Amusement Parks, Collecting Coins and having fun.

Name: Ilona Bogdane Age:18 Interests: Art, Butterflies, Ebay, Shopping

Children Not Living at Home

Name: Tim Masters Jr. Age:25 Interests: Computers, Cars

Name: Greg Masters Age:23 Interests: Cats, Hacky Sack, Karate, Guitar

Name: Brian Masters Age:21 Interests: Magic, Music, Guitar, Ebay

Name: Cheryl Masters Age:19 Interests: Missionary Work, Movies, Kids, Music, shopping

This is me

Here is where you can read about students who have been in our group, find out local information, Also read what Host parents have to say about their Hosting experiences.