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Masters' Exchange

03-04 Group

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03-04 Group

Our 2003-2004
Exchange Group

Laura is from Germany. While in America she lived in Burr Oak, Michigan where she played basketball, participated as a cheerleader, competed in track. Laura voted Snow-Fest Queen during the 2003-2004 school year at Burr Oak High School. At her home in Burr Oak, she enjoyed horseback riding and entered many competitions with the horse she rode and cared for. She also had her own dog while here. Her pal Jewels. She improved her English, made many friends and had a fun year.

Lika is from Russia. While here, she temporarily stayed in Constantine, Michigan and later with her host family in Henderson, Michigan. She likes to eat chicken and tomato pizza and her favorite colors are black, blue and red. She visited distant relatives in New York, which she became acquainted with.

Sandra is from Germany. She stayed in Constantine, Michigan with her host family. She played volleyball and competed in track. Sandra also sang in the high school choir. She attended many football games and enjoyed watching and cheering her team on to victory. Sandra had a great Christmas gift, her sister, Jana, came all the way from Germany to visit her. She enjoyed traveling a lot with her host family.

Nikki is from Vietnam. She temporarily stayed in Constantine, Michigan and Three Rivers, Michigan. Eventually she was placed into her host family's home in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Nikki is very friendly and an easy to get along with person. She always has a smile and a kind word to say. Nikki enjoys singing. She sang in her high school choir.

Yekaterina is from Russia. She landed within hours of the New York black out, and stranded in New York for three days. She was placed into her host family's home in Constantine, Michigan. Though she didn't get out much, she enjoyed the quiet and peacefulness of the country. She wanted to be home with her host family and enjoyed their companionship.

Cathrin is from Germany. She adjusted and got along well to her host families; she lived in Constantine, Michigan. She made many friends, learned new customs, different ways of life, and different point of views. She did very well in school. While on Christmas break she enjoyed an adventure with a long drive to Texas to visit her host grandparents. During our outing to Cedar Point Amusement Park, she paired up with another German student and discovered the wiles of American roller coasters and fair food.

Mariya is from Russia. She was placed into her host family's home in Union City, Michigan. Her host family had a special pet pig that she didn't like. She enjoyed going shopping and attending school. Everyone enjoyed her personality and her willingness to help.

Natya is from Russia. She adjusted well to her difficult time and dealing with rudeness. She moved into her new host family's home in Port Austin, Michigan and did much better. She played basketball and volleyball for her high school. She spent much of her time giving back to the community with the "Walk for Warmth" and many other community activities.

Mathias is from Austria. He was also placed into a host family's home in Port Austin, Michigan. He was the only boy in our group. He was able to visit family members that live here in America while he was here.

Mei-Mei lives in Germany. She was also placed into a host family's home in Port Austin, Michigan. She played volleyball, basketball and participated in track. Mei- Mei was a little more prepared for her host parents than most since her mother speaks only English back in Germany. Though she enjoyed her host family, she preferred living in large cities as opposed to small towns. She enjoyed visiting Florida and California during her stay in the USA.

Katya is from Russia. She was placed into a host family's home in Port Hope, Michigan. She enjoyed spring break in Florida with the campus life group. She was a very happy and talkative girl, who bloomed into a young lady during her stay.


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Past Students Survival Tips

Be careful in conversation, don't talk about people,
because everyone know and shares everything.

Be careful with boys because everybody will try and have some relationships or sex.

Be honest with Host family; do not be afraid to talk.

Never lie because someone will find out about it and it will cause big trouble

Try and find friends, don't be scared to start conversation, it is very important

Be open minded- try new things; even if you think you may not like it

Be friendly and polite- You wanna make friends so give people a reason so they wanna be friends with you

Talk- Even if you think your English is bad, it makes you better.

Be open minded for a new and different culture

Get along with host sisters and brothers, even if you don't really like them,
but you like the host parents.

Don't be afraid to open to people, you will find friend, be yourself.

Be friendly, polite, obey, participate, and be creative

Don't expect too much from people and your host family

Have a good attitude toward new things

When people invite you for something, don't stick with your homework,
otherwise you won't make friends.

Don't compare your country with the US

Try to ovoid political conversations and don't tell when you don't agree

Try to live like everyone else. You don't want to be an outsider

Participate in activities and clubs

Don't wait for people to come and talk to you,
make the first step yourself and talk to people

Be yourself-American girls like exchange students

Talk to your friends at home!! Call them every two weeks

Don't change the way you dress

Don't eat too much junk food
Don't be shy! You won't be here forever

Never be afraid to go to your representative,
when you are having problems with your host family

Communication with your host family and representative are very important
Talk about everyday things (school, sports etc..)

Don't forget to let your host family know your plans right away.

Try to get along with your host brother and sisters

Make friends with your teachers

Be yourself

Communication with others is very important

Be flexible and try new things

Study hard at school

Meet new people

Learn new culture

Talk with you coordinator when having trouble

Talk and except others correcting you so you can learn English better

Don't be scared because everybody is friendly here

You need to be nice to host family and local representative they can help you

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.